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The ways of maintaining the disc granulator

It is important for fertilizer equipment to maintain in daily after using it.Every machine can be usede to granulate different fertilizer granulator,and they can be used to different type fertilizer,such as the organic fertilizer,compound fertilizer and other fertilizer.Maintainging the machine in the daily we can supply several simple ways.
Now in the market,you can see all kinds of fertilizer granulator  machine series,and every fertilizer granulator machine has its unique characteristic,so the usage range is also different.Disc granulator is the simplest granulator equipment.What the products that the fertilizer equipment  produced are ball shape and the particles are strong.The disc granulator is mainly suitable for samll-volume equipment.When he annual output is less than 50,000tons,the granulator will be used.The disc granulator has mature technologe,high sphericity and good adaptability to raw materials.The investment in the equipment is also small.
In the daily use of the disc granulator always pay attention to the temperature change of the granular body,the bearing parts of the reducer are burned,or tthe noise should be repaired in time and refueling,if it is the end of the bearing chamber of the granulator mainframe.When the bearing parts are burnt or have noise,stop the granulator and repair and add butter.(In normal operation,the bearing chamber is greased every 5-6days.)When the fuselage is unstable,check that the gap between he couplings is too tight.
Master and proficiient in operating machinery and equipment to find problems in a timely manner,to avoid long-term downtime and affect the normal production of the company,employees should find out in time before the disc granulator problems,do the daily maintenance and problems,do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine,not only to ensure the production output of the company,it can also increase the service life of the disc granulator and save the company money.