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The organic fertilizer machine improve the development of the farming

Advances in science and technology have led to the development of all walks of life in China,and agriculture is no exception.Agriculture has not only made great progress,but there is also a new type of agriculture,and has begun to green.There are also some developments in organic fertilizer equipment,which is truly comprehensive.With the development of the fertilizer equipment,the farming is more and more high requirement.
So far,almost 80% of organic fertilizer equipment has completed the agricultural cycle,and like the biogas we learned in textbooks,it is recyclable.This development model has played an environmentally friendly role,effectively preventing pollution and improving waste utilization.It can be said that waste has become a tresure.Organic fertilizer granulators and extrusion granulators are now also green.Organic fertilizer equipment actually converts animal manure into organic fertilizer,and some crop rods can be added to animal manure.This equipment is actually a good way to handle agricultural waste.Now with the continuous improvement of technology,the technical level of organic fertilizer equipment has reached a new level,and now the strength of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers is also growing.In rural areas,there are many places where "biogas" fermentation is used to make biogas slurry use in large quantities,but biogas slurry pollution still exists.To this end,people hope that there will be a machine that can convert liquid slag into organic fertilizer,impaove soil fertility and strictly protect the cultivated land environment.
There are also have some fertilizer production line equipment:
Disc granulator:it mainly is used to make round device,make the speherical ball into a spherical shape,disposable ball,no return ,high ball formation rate,good strength,beautiful and practical,ideal equipment for making organic fertilizer for spherical particles.
Drum screens are commonly used fertilizer equipment for producing compound fertilizer.It is mainly used for separation between recycled materials and finished products,as well as for the classification of finished products.The combination screen is easy to maintain and replace.The  organic fertilizer machine has the advantages of simple structure,convenient operation and stable operation.
Industrial fermentation lathe for industrial solids such as livestock and polutry.
he dryer is mainly used for drying compound fertilizer,bio-organic fertilizer,animal manure and so on,
Granulator,pan granulator,drum granulator and roller press granulator machine,due to the different organic fertilizer,the compound fertilizer granule are also different.Different soil need different compound fertilizer granular.We can produce different fertilizer granulator machine to produce different fertilizer granulator according to your needs.