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The market of the organic fertilizer equipment

The organic fertilizer production equipment has been appraised and approved by the National Science and Technology Technology Center. The technology has the characteristics of simple equipment, low investment, easy operation, etc. It is convenient for farmers, small-scale breeding plants, plantations and other self-produced organic fertilizers. The technology uses biological fermentation.Technology, rapid fermentation of poultry manure, human excrement, crop straw, to achieve warming, deodorization, harmless effect, and made organic fertilizer, not only to achieve waste recycling, but also reduce the production and investment costs of farmers. At present, there are two kinds of organic fertilizers produced in China's fertilizer industry: one is powdered organic fertilizer, and the other is granular organic fertilizer. The difference is that the investment of powdered organic fertilizer is small, but the price of powdered organic fertilizer is cheaper. The production process of granular organic fertilizer is relatively complicated, which is a little bigger than the investment of the former, but its market price is much higher than the price of powdered organic fertilizer.
Understanding he complete fertilizer granulator production line is important for the producing fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer granulator machine series are one of important machine in the producing process.Producing different fertilizer always using the different machines.For example, the rotary drum granulator machine and the disc granulator not only are used for producing the organic fertilizer but also it can be used for producing the compound fertilizer.However,the flat die granulator is  only used for producing the compound fertilizer.So we need to to know what machines in the fertilizer production line before purchasing and producing.
The organic fertilizer production line including these machine:
1.New type organic fertilizer granulator
2.Half-wet material crusher
3.Horizontal mixer
4.Drum screener machine
5.Belt conveyor
6.Powder fertilizer packing machine
7.Drum cooler
8.Drum dryer
These just a simple introduction for the fertilizer equipment,if you have any question,you can inquire for us,we can customized for you according to  your needs.