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Development trend of granulating equipment for organic fertilizer

 In the trend of modern agriculture,the small-scale disc granulator is becoming more and more important.The application of organic fertilizer is no longer limited to a small expermental field.Now many agricultural users are proving that the small-scale disc granulator is more productive in colleges and universites.We can know that the modern organic fertilizer has the characteristics of pollution-free and pollution-free through the comparsion of organic fertilizer,inorganic fertilizer and other fertilizers.It can be optimized the physical and chemical structure of land can also enhance biological activity.Organic fertilizer machine is to be designed for the production of organic fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer itself is formed by the remains of animals and plants or their metabolites.For example,feces and urine metabolites.It is rich in nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium.It can provide nutrients for the farmers very well.Mover,most of these ingredients can be well absorbed and help the crops grow more well.Now organic fertilizer has the characteristics of pollution-free and pollution-free.Don't worry about polluting the land.Better the sutainable production of agriculture has been realized.
In order to better understand the small-scale disc granulator,let's talk about the advantages of organic fertilizer and its precautions.Organic fertilizer can effectively improve the physical and chemical structure of the land,which we have mentioned before.There are also achievements in improving the output of crops.Moreover,organic fertilizer can be applied together with other fertilizers,which can greatly improve the benefits of fertilizer.It is better than the previous farmyard manure.It can evenly distributed on the crops to promote the uniform absorption of the crops.It is also more convenient to use.When the organic fertilizer granulator,which it is to be made by using the
fertilizer granulation machine to finish the granulation process,releases the organic fertilizer,it should also pay attention to the amount.It should be put in accordance with the actual situation.In addition,in the growth process of the agricultural crops,it must be paid attention to processing the organic fertilizer and then using it.In this way,it can be used.It can get rid of the germs brought by itself,so that it will not pollute the land and can get rid of these germs more scientifically.
So how do cow dung make organic fertilizer?
There are many raw materials for the production of bio organic fertilizer,which can be divided into the following categories:
1.Agricultural wastes,such as straw, soybean meal, cotton meal, etc. 2. Animal manure: such as chicken manure, cattle, sheep, horse manure, rabbit manure; 3. Industrial wastes: such as distiller's grains, vinegar grains, cassava dregs, sugar dregs, furfural dregs, etc.; 4. Domestic wastes: such as kitchen garbage, etc.; 5. Urban sludge: such as river sludge, sewage sludge, etc.
rotary drum granulator
Characteristics of bio organic fertilizer
The ecological organic fertilizer has complete nutrient elements, which can improve the soil and improve the soil hardening caused by the use of chemical fertilizer. Improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, and enhance the ability of soil water conservation, fertilizer conservation and fertilizer supply. The beneficial microorganisms in bio organic fertilizer enter into the soil and form a symbiotic and proliferative relationship with the microorganisms in the soil, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and transform them into beneficial bacteria, interact and promote each other, play a collaborative role in the community, beneficial bacteria produce a large number of metabolites in the growth and reproduction process, promote the decomposition and transformation of organic matters, and directly or indirectly provide more for crops Plant nutrients and irritants to promote and control crop growth. Improve soil porosity, permeability and exchange, plant survival rate, increase beneficial bacteria, soil microorganisms and population. By the way,the flat die granulator machine is usually to be used to make bioorganic fertilizer granulator,besides these granulator machine,the rotary drum granulator machine also can be used to produce the fertilizer granulator.At the same time, the advantage of beneficial bacteria in the formation of crop root system can inhibit the propagation of harmful pathogens, enhance the ability of crop resistance to stress and disease, reduce the disease index of continuous crops, and the continuous application can greatly alleviate the continuous cropping obstacles. Reducing environmental pollution is a kind of environmental protection fertilizer, which is safe and nontoxic to human, animal and environment.