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Why we use the organic fertilizer?

 In the international market,due to the long-term application of chemical fertilizer,the shortageg of organic fertilizer and the imbalance of various nutrients,the ecological environment of farmyard,the physical and chemical properties of soil and the microbial area of soil have been damaged to varying degress,which to a certain extent affects the yield and safety of agricultural  products.Due to the limited and land and higher health awareness in Europe and America,the problem has been recognized earlier.It is suggested to use organic fertilizer to develop organic agriculture.The importance of organic fertilizer has been gradually recognized.Organic fertilizer machine to be designed and used in the process of the organic fertilizer production to finish the production process.
rotary drum granulator
The design and production of organic fertilizer production machine further improve the production efficiency of organic fertilizer.Organic fertilizer machine manufacturers designed a special organic fertilizer production line to be usd to produce organic fertilizer.There are different series of production equipment in the organic fertilizer production line.For example,the production of organic fertilizer fermentation compost turner machine,organic fertilizer mixer machine,organic fertilizer granulation machine and a series of products.Among them,the fertilizer granulator machine is the main equipment in the granulation process.Granulator is designed into different types and models.Meanwhile,different types of equipment are used in different fertilizer production lines.For example,the design of rotary drum granulator can be used to produce organic fertilizer,and this equipment can also be used in the fertilizer manufacturing process of npk,compound fertilizer.
The designing of the organic fertilizer machine not only improve the organic fertilizer producing efficient,it also at the same time improve the using of the organic fertilizer.