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The production of the bb fertilizer

BB fertilizer is also called bulk blended fertilizer.It is a modern new compound fertilizer made by mechanical mixing of two or more single-particle fertilizer or compound fertilziers acording to the individual differences of soil,crop and climate.
Main features of bb fertilizer production:
1.Process science,flexible formula.The remarkable feature of bb fertilizer is that the ratio of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and trace elements is easy to adjust,and the proportion of nutrients can be flexiblly formulated according to different crop and soil conditions.
2.The process is simple,the investment is relatively low and the production cost is low.The bb fertilizer production process is simple,and only needs measurement,mixing,packaging and other equipment to produce.The processing of the bb fertilizer  machine is also designed specially.The bb fertilizer blender is a fertilizer mixing machine and using the multiple silos single weigh static automatic batching system.
Producing bb fertilizer is simple and low cost,the fertilizer efficient is also higher.