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Principle and technology of organic fertilizer granulator

Producing the organic fertilizer into granulator by using the organic fertilizer machine is simple and higher efficient.In the granulating process,different type and series fertilizer granulator machine to be designed and used to produce the fertilizer granulator.Different type and series fertilizer granulator machine using different type fertilizer granulating method.
Generally,rotten materials are coarse in texture,poor in cohesiveness and difficult in granulation,which has been the bottleneck of organic fertilizer production for a long time.The organic fertilizer granulator has made a breakthough after the traditional extrusion and disk technology.The new fertilizer granulator machine adopt drum or spray technology.
Roller press granulator:the rotten materials are extruded or rolled into granules by the mould with a proper amount of inorganic fertilizer,and directly bagged.The process is strict in material selection and pre-treatment,and needs to be adjusted to the appropriate moisture content,fine texture and good adhesion.Its characteristics are :simple process,drying link can omitted;the product has high water content,coarse columnar particles,good granulation and uniform particle size,but the storage and transportation process is easy to collapse;the production capacity is low,the relative power is large,and the fertilizer equipment is easy to wear.
fertilizer granulator machine
Disc granulator:almost all organic materials can be pelletilized by disc process.After drying and micro grinding,the materials is mixed with appropriate amount of chemical fertilizer and sent into the disc granulator.The mixture is sprayed and adhered by the humidifier,wrapped with the disc,and then dried and screened.The features of this type fertilizer granulator machine are:the selection of materials is not high,but it needs to be dried and crushed first,the process is tedious;the spherical particles have low granulation rate and poor appearance;the production capacity is moderate,and the power required is small compared witht the same period last year.
Rotary drum granulator:the process through the design of a unique granulator in the drum,using the principle of material particles collision and inlay,to achieve the direct granulation of high humidity organic materials.Its characteristics are:wide range of application,no special requirements for materials;simple process,liminating the two pretreatment processes of drying and grinding,and direct production;spherical particles,high granulation rate,good appearance of goods.