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Compost fermentation and function of chicken manure organic fertilizer

 What is the function of fermented chicken manure organic fertilizer?How to make organic fertilizer by using the organic fertilizer machine in the organic fertilizer production line?
1.The chicken manure organic fertilizer can produce many kinds of enzymes and inhibit the soil borne disease,such as continuous cropping disease,root knot nematode disease,fusarium wilt,bacterial wilt and blight.
2.It contains benefical microorganisms which can active nitrogen in the air,decompose and release insoluble phosphorus and potassium nutrients.Supplement soil organic matter and release nutrients needed for crop growth slowly.
3.Improve the physical properties of the soil,keep the soil soft and easy to  cultivate,promote the soil aggregate structure,increase the soil pores and increases the growth of root groups.Increase soil water and fertilizer holding capacity and reduce leaching loss.
4.Green environmental protection,improve fertilizer efficiency.The organic fertilizer fermented by this product has no toxic side effect,which can improve the crop and soil environment.It can be mixed with inorganic fertilizer to greatly improve the efficiency of fertilizer use and save costs.

5.Strong roots,strong seedings,diseases prevention and resistance.The large-scale propagation of benefical microorganisms secretes hormones,polysaccharides and other metabolites to the outside world,inhabits the growth of soil pathogens,promotes the development of crop roots,grows vigorously,and reduces the spread of various diseases.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,in the fermentation process of chicken manure,the dumper is an indispensable fermentation machine,which is used for the fermentation of livestock manure,sludge waste,filter mud of sugar factory,dregs,cake,straw sawdust and other organic wastes.It is widely used in the fermentation of organic fertilizer factory,compound fertilizer factory,and agricus bisporus planting factory etc.and the operation of removing water.It is suitable for aerobic fermentation.The fermented raw materials go through the granulation process of organic fertilizer pelletilizer,and the finished granular fertilizer is processed completely.Of course,from compost fermentation to granulation and packaging of materials,the processing of each process in the whole organic fertilizer productio line is required:compost dumper,feeder,fertilizer crusher,fertilizer mixer,fertilizer granulator machine and screener machine,dryer,cooler,automatic packing machine,belt conveyor an other series fertilizer machine.
fertilizer granulator machine
In fertilizer granulator machine series,there is one point needs to be noticed that the fertilizer granulator machine to be designed for different type and series,we should choose the suitable fertilizer granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator.Like the rotary drum granulator can be used in organic fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer granulator.