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How to build an organic fertilizer plant?

 Orgainc fertilizer is widely to be used in all over the world.How to build an organic fertilizer production line,and how to build an organic fertilizer plant?In organic fertilizer manufacturing process,what type organic fertilizer machine to be equipped?
Building an organic fertilizer production line,we are first to know the raw materials of what we will use in the fertilizer manufacturing process.
The selection of raw materials has a great influence on the selection of production process,the selection of  our company organic fertilizer machine,the selection of fermentation workshop and processing workshop with too small area,so the selection of raw materials should be determined first.Raw materials must be selected according to local conditions.There are many raw materials for organic fertilizer.If there arer many local raw materials and the price is relatively low,it is better to choose what materials to make organic fertilizer.If there are free ones,it is better to choose what materials to make organic fertilizer.If there free ones,it is better.So what are the raw materials of organic fertilizer?They can be divided into the following categories:
1).Agricultural waste:such as straw,soybean meal,cottonseed meal,mushroom residue,biogas residue,fungus residue,ligin residue,sawdust,etc.
2).Animal manure:such as chicken manure,pig manure,cattle ,sheep and horse manure,rabbit manure,quail manure,earthworm manure,etc.
3).Industrial wastes:such as distiller's grains,cassava dregs,sugar dregs,furfural dregs,Chinese medicine dregs,etc;
4).Domestic waste:such as kitchen waste,urban and rural domestic waste,etc.
5).Urban sludge:such as river sludge,sewage,sludge,pond mud,etc.
2.Site selection:
1).Close to the origin of main raw materials.Close to the origin of main raw materials and the reason for local materials above are simillar,both to reduce costs.The raw materials of organic fertilizer is large in volume and weight,which is not convenient for transportation.If the distance is too long,the cost of transportation is to increase.If the price of organic fertilizer is not too high and the cost is too high,it will reduce its market competitiveness.
2)The traffic is relatively convenient.
3).Stay away from the working and living areas of the residents,and take the lead in the living and working areas of the residents.This is to avoid the stink of raw materials affecting the life or work of residents,so as not to affect the normal operation of their own factories.
4).Convenient water and power supply,which is essential for the normal operation of any factory.
5).Organic fertilizer plants should be built in places with high and flat terrain,good drainage and low groundwater level.In this way,when there is much rain in the rainy season,the ground water will not cause losses to raw materials and finished products.
3.Organic fertilizer production line designing:
In organic fertilizer production line,it is to be equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials and use the machine to ferment the raw materials for sometime.Using the high temperature technology to kill the bacteria.Then it is equipped with the fertilizer crusher machiine and fertilizer mixer machine to deal with the raw materials.Next to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator.Generally,it can be the rotary rum granulator or the disc granulator.It also to be equipped with the fertilizer screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator and inquality fertilizer granulator.Finally using the fertilizer packing machine to pack the granulator.The complete fertilizer production process equipped with automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer machine to finish the production process,saving more time and improving the working efficient.