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The introduction of the commerical organic fertilizer

 Organic fertilizer granulator is also called the farming fertilizer,and with the development of the fertilizer manufacturing process,the farming fertilizer gandually developed the commerical fertilizer.So how about the commerical fertilizer?Commerical organic fertilizer mainly comes from plants and animals.It is a kind of organic material with carbon which is fermented and decomposed.Its function is to improve soil fertility,provide plant nutrition and improve crop quality.
Characteristics of commerical organic fertilizer:Organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer rich in organic substances,which can provide nutrients for crop growth and improve soil.In the past,organic fertilizer were mainly natural made by farmers on the spot.So it is also called farmyard manure.In recent years,a large number of factory processed organic fertilizers.Now the organic fertilizer manufacturing process can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.And in the process of making the organic fertilizer granulator,many different type fertilizer machines are used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Why we produce the organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing technology?Its functions are as follows.
1.Provide nutrients for crops.Organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients needed for crop growth,and engery sources continuously supply crop growth.Providing nutrients is the most basic feature and the most important role  of organic fertilizer.Compared with chemical fertilizer,organic fertilizer has the following remarkable characteristics:Fistly,comprehensive nutriention.It contains not only 16 nutrients elements needed by crops,but also other elements benefical to crop growth,which can promote crop growth in an all round way.Secondly,uniform and long--term nutrient release.The nutrients contained in organic fertilizer are mostly in organic form,which can be release slowly and supplied to crops for a long time.In comparison,most of the nutrients cotained in fertilizer are available nutrients,and the fertilizer effects is fast but the effective supply time is short after applied to the soil. Finally,low nutrient content.Chemical fertilizer should be used to meet the large demand of nutrients during the vigorous growth period of crops.
2.Improve the content of soil organic matter,renew the content of organic matter,renew the composition of soil humus,and fertilize the soil.Applying soil organic fertilizer,under the action of microorganisms,it decomposes and trannsforms into simple compounds.At the same time,through the action of biochemistry,it recombines into new,more complex,relatively stable soil specific macromolecular high polymer organic compounds,namely humus.Humus is a stable organic matter in soil,which plays an important role in soil fertility.Improve the physical properties of soil.The application of organic fertilizer can reduce the capacity of soil,improve the air condition of soil,improve the plowing ability,gurarantee water and fertilizer,and create a good soil soil environment for plant growth.

3.Improve the biological activity of soil and stimulate the growth of crops.Organic fertilizer is the main source of microbial engery and nutrients.The application of organic fertilizers is conducive to the activities of soil microorganisms and the growth and development of nutrient.The application of organic fertilizer is conducive to the activities of soil microorganisms and the growth and development of crops.The metabolites of microorganisms not only contain inorganic nutrients such as nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,but also a variety of amino acids,vitamixs,hormones and other substances,which can have a hugeg impact on plant growt and development.
4.Improve detoxification and purify soil environment.Organic fertilizer can improve the cation exchange capacity of soil,increase the absorption of heave metals,effectively reduce the toxicity of heavy metals to crops,and prevent them from entering the plants.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
About the commerical fertilizer granulator,as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only learn the market of the fertilizer machines ,we also need to know the change of the fertilizer market.the In order to that we can design more suitable fertilizer machines and different type fertilizer production lines for different type fertilizer.Like the bio fertilizer production line is designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator.