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Properties of organic fertilizer

 We all known that producing the organic fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturing process,but why we produce the organic fertilizer granulator?In this article we will share more about the properties of the organic fertilizer and the advantages of the organic fertilizer granulator.
In the organic fetilizer manufacturing process when we make the granulator,the first step is that we need to use the fermentation compost turning technology to ferment the raw materials,and then using other fertilizer machines to make the organic fertilizer .So what properties of the organic fertilizer?
1.Comprehensive nutriention.Organic fertilizer usually contains a varity of mineral nutrients,such as sugar,amino acid,protein,cellulose and other organic components.And various microorganisms and their metabolites.
2.Release slowly.Most of the nutrient elements in organic fertilizer are combined with organic carbon,which can only be absorbed and utilized by crops after decomposition and transformation.The nutrient release is slow and the fertilizer effect is slow and long.
3.Complex composition.There are many kinds of organic fertilizers,some of which contain pathogens.Parasite eggs,heavy metals,antibiotics,pesticide residues and other harmful substances,some of which give off odor.
4.The ratio of carbon to nitrogen is different.Different kinds of fertilizers have different C/N ratio,and their decomposition rate,nutrient release or fixation are also different.
Knowing more about the properties of the organic fertilizer,in order to make the fertilizer machine manufacturers can make and design the most suitable fertilizer machines or fertilizer production line to make the organic fertilizer ganulator.

Function of the organic fertilizer granulator:
1.Provide nutrients.Organic fertilizer contains not only mineral nutrients,but also organic components,which is conducive to improving the yield of crops and the quality of agricultural products.
2.Improve soil fertility.The application of organic fertilizer can increase the content of soil organic matter,improve the physical and chemical properties of soil,improve the biodiversity of soil,and improve the ability of soil water and fertilizer conservation.
3.To protect the ecological environment and make ratio use of organic fertilizer resources can maintain a virtuous cycle of materials,reduce the adverse impact of organic waste on the environment,protect the ecological environment,save fertilizer consumption,reduce engery consumption and environmental pollution.
Making the organic fertilizer into granulator using the new type organic fertilizer ganulator machine,which is new designed fertilizer granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator,it is also a good method of consevering the fertilizer granulator.Uisng the granulating technology to make the fertilizer into granulator can not only consever the fertilizer well,it also can make the fertilizer take the advantages.
More other fertilizer production also designed by the engineers,like the bio fertilizer production line is designed for producing the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.More fertilizer machine or fertilizer manufacturing technology you want to know,you can leave a message on our website,and we will share more with you.
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