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The introduction of the straw organic fertilizer producing technology

Fermentating  the straw and the animal manure that after mixng the material,it can shape the high quality organic fertilizer products.During the process,in mainly including the mixing.crushing,fermentating,granulating,screening and packing.The next step is to using the crusher machine to crush the straw to the requirement and then make the straw mix with the animal manure,and adjust the rratio and the water.Then using the fermentating machine to fermantate the raw material.The commonly fermentaing machine is the simple compost turner machine.After fermentating,we need to use the crusher and mixing machine to crush and mix the raw material.After screening,the drum screener machine separate the quality products and inquality products,and the belt conveyor put  the quality products into te next step,and the inquality products as the raw material to the fermentation parts,reagin to screen and screen to make the organic fertilizer.When finishing the screening,we need to granulate.According to the granulation process selected in the production,the organic fertilizer should be pretreated before granulation.For example,if the process requires a low water content,it needs to be dried.In the process of the granulating,we always choose the flat die granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer.Using the flat die granulator machine  to produce the organic fertilizer,the shape is beautiful and the granulator rate  is high.When finishing granulating,we need to dry the water and dry the temperature.Then,using the packing machine to pack the organic fertilizer.
If you want to more convenient and save time,you can choose a complete fertilizer production line to produce the fertilizer granulator.Well,we share the straw organic fertilizer with you,if you want to know more,you can visit our website and leave a message for us,we will supply some reasonable suggestion for you according to ypur question.