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Application of organic fertilizer machine

 Organic fertilizer machine to be designed and used in the fertilizer production process.How to apply the organic fertilizer machine in the fertilizer manufacturing process?The organic fertilizer machine mainly uses the manure of some animal as taw materials,and uses the machine to produce some fertilizer suitable for crop production.When we produce organic fertilizer,the raw materials we use are mainly chicken manure and cattle manure,why?The main reason is that the digestive system of these two animals is not very perfect,and the nutrient content of digestion is less,so these excrement will be mixed with a lot of nutrition,so it will become the resue of waste.
rotary drum granulator
What type organic fertilizer machine at present in the present market?At present,the application of organic fertilizer machine which it is usually to be used in organic fertilizer manufacturing process has been popularized in the market.There are many types of organic fertilizer machine,such as the roller press granulator machine,disc granulator machine and flat die granulator machine and so on a series of organic fertilizer machine,the rotary drum granulator machine sometime is also tbe be used in organic fertilizer production line.Besides the fertilizer granulator machine series,it is also included the rotary drum screener machine,bb fertilizer blender,fertilizer mixer machine series ,fermentation compost turner machine and so on.What's more,the designing of the organic fertilizer production line and other series fertilizer machine is also to be used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process can make waste reuse.