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organic fertilizer to be used

  There are differences in the composition and properties of organic fertilizer materials, so there are also differences in the effects of organic fertilizer on Soil and crops. Therefore, according to the texture of soil, climate, growth habit and fertilizer demand of crops, we should choose the appropriate organic fertilizer for rational fertilization. For example: human feces and urine contain a large number of chloride ions, which should be avoided for crops that do not like chlorine nutrients.Now,the organic fertilizer is to be produced and to be used in the agriculturial industry.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,using different type and series organic fertilizer machine to finish the production process.How to use the organic fertilizer machine to make organic fertilizer?
Firstly,we talk more about the reason why we use the organic fertilizer?
The more organic fertilizer  is used,the better.Organic fertilizer is large in volume and low in nutrient.It needs a lot of application to meet the growth needs of crops,but not more is better.Because organic fertilizer,like chemical fertilizer has the problem of quantitative application in agricultural production.If a large amount of organic fertilizer is used,it will not only waste,but also cause soil obstacles and affect the growth development of crops.For example,in the cultivation of protected land,if a large amount of organic fertilizer is applied for a long time,it can also lead to excessive nutrient elements in the soil and salinization of the soil,resulting in poor growth of agricultural products,excessive nitrate content,quality degradation and other problems.Therefore,the application amount of organic fertilizer in production should be reasonably used according to the consumption of various nutrients and organic matter in the soil,so as to achieve formula fertilization and scientific fertilization.
rotary drum granulatorThen the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is not so complex by using the organnic fertilizer machine.In the line,by using the automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer machine to finish the production process can save more complex process.Like using the fertilizer granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator,which we can use the rotary drum granulator or the disc granulator machine to make organic fertilizer to be granulator directly.And using these automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer machine also improve the working efficient.
Finally,we talk a little the application method of the organic fertilizer.The organic fertilizer shall be applied by trenching or digging holes for centralized fertilization,and the soil shall be covered in time after application;if it is applied by sprinkling,it shall be turned into the soil after application.Generally,organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer are mixed for better effect.If superphosphate is mixed with organic fertilizer,the fertilizer effect can be greatly improved.