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Application method of disc granulator in use

The disc granulator has a wide range of uses, not only for organic fertilizer granulation, but also for other fields. There is a clearing port on the side of the pelletizing tray, which is convenient for cleaning the remaining material of the tray during intermittent production operations and reduces labor intensity.
disc granulator
There is no specific parameter for mastering and adjusting the inclination of the disc granulator in use, but it should be based on the shape suitable for spherical particles. The adjustment measure is to change the position and angle of the reducer by adjusting the bolt at the bottom of the disc to achieve the purpose of normal use.

In addition to the subjective factors of the raw material composition, the particle forming of the disc granulator also has an important relationship with the fineness of the raw material, the water content, the addition of auxiliary binders, and the angle of disc rotation. This project must be tried continuously, according to its own material situation to achieve a suitable ratio for itself, make some improvements, and we will be able to achieve our expected value.