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Production technology of rotary drum granulator for fertilizer granule production

The rotary drum granulator produced by Huaqiang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is characterized by high abrasion resistance, convenient maintenance, high pelletizing strength, good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low energy consumption, long service life and convenient operation and maintenance.
rotary drum granulator
The working principle of the drum granulator is: the belt and pulley are driven by the main motor, which are transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer, and the split gear installed on the driving shaft is meshed with the big gear ring fixed on the machine body to work in opposite directions. The material is added from the feeding end and passes through the inside of the cylinder. Through the function of the special structure inside the cylinder, it is made into particles and finally flows out through the discharge port. Due to the continuous entry of materials and the continuous rotation of granulator, mass production can be realized.

Granulation advantages:
The main advantage lies in the use of steam to heat the humidity, increase the temperature of the granulated material itself, reduce the granulation moisture, reduce the load of the dryer, and improve the work efficiency. The pelletizing rate of the drum pelletizer can reach 70%, and the equipment is easy to operate, flexible in work, and easy to maintain.

The fertilizer granulators produced by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. include organic fertilizer granulator, disc granulator, drum granulator, npk fertilizer granulator, double roller granulator, two in one organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, flat die pelleting machine, and ring die pelleting machine.