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Domestic garbage with the fertilizer process

 Making the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer manufacturig process can improve the producivity of producing the fertilizer granulator.And the new technology was designed for fermenting the raw material in the livestock manure and domestic garbage.So,What is the raw material in these garbage to make organic fertilizer granulator?Sharing more with you.
Generally speaking,the fertilizer granulator machine type can be divided into organic fertilizer granulator and npk,compound fertilizer granulator.The raw material of producing the organic fertilizer granulator and the compound fertilizer granulator are also different.Sometimes,we just know the livestock manure can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator by using the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.In fact,the dommestic garbage is a kind of raw material of making the fertilizer granulator.
At present,the common methods for treating urban domestic waste include landfill,incineration,composting,etc.These technologies solves the problem of garbage disposal to varying degress and make the garbage resources,but at the same time there are secondary pollution problems.In resonse to these problems,some professionals have researched a new project to rationlize the waste and make it into organic fertilizer.Because there is a large amount of organic matter in these garbage,it contains a lot of organic matterial,which it can be separated from other moisture by the high temperature using fermentation technology,and turned it into high efficiency organic fertilizer.In order to further improve the efficiency and yield of fermentation,fertilizer machine manufacturers have designed fermentation compost turner machine to ferment these raw material making the organic fertilizer granulator.