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Advantages and disadvantages of disc organic fertilizer granulator

In today's organic fertilizer industry, there are many kinds of equipment that can make organic fertilizer. According to different materials, there are different supporting equipment. We use animal manure as raw material to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the lower disc fertilizer granulation machine.

There are three advantages of disc organic fertilizer granulator: high production capacity, low temperature granulation, less power consumption and easy decomposition of particles.
Advantages and disadvantages of disc organic fertilizer granulator
Characteristics of disc fertilizer granulation process:

Intuitive operation, can grasp the operation of the equipment at any time, if found abnormal can be adjusted in time

The size of the particles depends on the inclination angle and rotation speed of the disc, and the inclination rate and rotation speed of the disc can be adjusted. Therefore, the disc organic fertilizer granulation machine has a wide range of particle size control, strong adaptability, and high balling rate, which can reach 70% ~ 90%.

The disc granulation process of animal manure organic fertilizer has the advantages of short production process, simple structure, less investment and easy operation, which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.