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Small organic fertilizer production line and the organic fertilizer equipment

 The small organic fertilizer machine to produce organic fertilizer granulator is simple,and the production is relatively high.Now we will introduce the process of the small organic fertilizer machine.
1,The production process:On the yeast fermentation pool - evenly into the bacterium agent - turn heap fermentation, fermentation 12 to 15 days - out of the pool - points screen - crushing - to mix - (granules) packaging - for sale
2,The organic fertilizer machine
1)Simple compost turning machine
Adopt tank type biological fermentation, according to your production scale need to build 9 meters wide 45 meters long fermentation tank three, will ferment continuously into the fermentation tank, every day using the turnover machine to the other end of the fermentation tank shift three meters, at the same time to play the role of water regulation and stir evenly, so that can save a lot of land and a lot of artificial.Can achieve the goal with sufficient putrefaction again.
2),Forklift truk
Trandfer the fermented organic fertilizer from the upturned fermentation tank to the semi-finished product stacking area with a shovel,so that the fermented organic fertilizer from the upturned tank to the top end can be removed from the tank in time.
3),Screening machine
Fermenting good oganic fertilizer for screening will be the inside of the bulk and sundry separation out,for the next step of crushing and packaging.
The chunk sundry in the organic fertilizer that will screen and stone cent check come out hind undertake smash,such already bautiful can assure the quality of the product again.
5)Mixing machine 
The organic fertilizer after screening and comminution is mixed to ensure the stability of product quality,and at the sae time for the production of special fertilizer and all kinds of compound fertilizer in addition to fertilizer and trace elements play a mixed role.
6)Packinng machine
Mixing evenly after organic fertilizer such as need granulation for granulation,such as no need to directly package sales granulation.