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Why to use the organic fertilizer granulator?

The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is developed more mature and the technology improve the fertilizer producivity.The organic feritlizer granulator have widely used in many industries.In the organic fertilizer granulator it contains many organic materials.So what role of the the organic fertilizer have?And why we use the organic fertilizer granulator?Share more informations with you in this article.
About the fertilizer manufacturing process:The organic fertilizer production line is a little complex compared to npk fertilizer production.In the line,it includes many fertilizer machines,and the chooices of the fertilizer granulator machine is more important.Different fertilizer granulator machine designed for different type fertilizer granulator.In the line,new tye organic fertilizer granulator is equipped in the line.
Why do we choose to use the organic fertilizer granulator?
1.Providing nutrients:Organic fertilizers contain various nutrients necessary for crops, which are released by decomposition and transformation of microorganisms and become nutrients that plants can absorb. It can provide nutrients for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and various amino acids and sugars. It has the advantages of wide source, large quantity, complete nutrient types and less application pollution.
2. Improved soil: The application of organic fertilizer can promote the soil nutrient and increase the soil organic matter content. Organic matter decomposes under the action of microorganisms to produce organic acids, which is beneficial to nutrient release. Organic matter can improve soil buffering performance and improve soil environment.
3. Promote soil microbial activities: The heat generated by the decomposition of organic fertilizers in the soil can provide a large amount of energy for soil microbial activities. The use of organic fertilizers can increase soil organic matter and NPK content, which is beneficial to increase the activity of particulate organic matter.
To produce the organic fertilizer granulator,new fertilizer machine and fertilizer production line are designing by the fertilizer machine manufacturers.