Function of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Benefits of Organic Fertilizer Production Line
1 Apply the products of organic fertilizer granulation production line to the soil can provide nutrients for crop growth and maintain good soil fertility. On the contrary, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in large quantities will lead to the decrease of organic matter content, loss of nutrients, soil compaction and increase of harmful substances in the soil. The increase of chemical residues and other harmful substances in agricultural products has seriously affected human health and survival.
2 Application of organic fertilizer production line products can enhance root growth and nutrient absorption, improve cold and drought tolerance of crops, promote the activity and effectiveness of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soil, and organic fertilizer can improve nutrient use efficiency.
3 The application of organic fertilizer production line equipment is also conducive to reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, reducing pesticide and heavy metal residues, reducing environmental pollution, and inhibiting the occurrence of pests and diseases in soil. The high quality fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line has the functions of aggregating to form soil humus. Organic fertilizer production line products have unique effects on improving soil, quality and yield.
organic fertilizer production line

Social Benefits of Organic Fertilizer Production Line
1. Organic fertilizer production line can reduce pesticide application and directly reduce production costs. The use of bio-organic fertilizer can promote early maturity of crops, bring them to market earlier, improve the taste of products and prolong the shelf life, so the social benefits will be further increased.
2. Organic fertilizer production line promotes agricultural economic development. Organic fertilizer equipment can solve the problem of excessive straw in agricultural production, improve the commercial value of straw and increase agricultural income. It is an effective measure to promote agricultural recycling.
3. Organic fertilizer production line to improve the environment. After harvesting, a large amount of straw will be burned directly, which will produce a lot of smoke and pollute the local air. The equipment of organic fertilizer production line makes full use of these straws to avoid environmental pollution during crop harvest season.