How to create high benefit from cylindrical particle organic fertilizer production equipment

Flat-die granulator uses extrusion method to extrude raw materials into cylindrical particles. This equipment is often used in the production and processing of organic fertilizers. It has good granulation effect on difficult-to-form materials in organic fertilizers. The flat-die granulator has created good profits in organic fertilizer production.

Working principle of cylindrical particle organic fertilizer production equipment
The mixed organic fertilizer material is fed into the feed port of the granulator by the conveyor. The roller generates a strong extrusion force to crush the material. The material is extruded into a cylinder through the template. The cutting knife cuts the material into granular fertilizer and discharges it finally.

Organic fertilizer flat-die granulator has the following advantages.
1. The granules are uniformly compressed, and the amorphous fine powders are very few, so the granulation effect is good.
2. High particle density, less power consumption in the production of organic fertilizer granulator, and no need for drying and cooling treatment.
3. The flat-die granulator has the advantages of simple operation, easy cleaning and energy saving.
4. Flat-die granulator can extrude the material into cylindrical particles, and cylindrical particles can also be formed into spherical particles by a rounding machine.
5. Flat-die granulator has very good granulating effect on materials with more straw in organic fertilizer production. At the same time, the granulator can also be used for feed processing in aquaculture industry.

The organic fertilizer granulator has a wide range of applications. Sawdust, rice husk, weeds, factory waste and other materials can be made into granules. It is suitable for large and medium feed factories and bio-organic fertilizer factories. Flat-die granulator is a kind of cylindrical granular processing equipment with high automation, saving energy and high production efficiency.