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Why is organic fertilizer granulated?

 Organic fertilizer is to be designed and produced by using the fertilizer granulator machine.But why we use the fertilizer granulator machine to make organic fertilizer granulator?When we buy flowers,we often see that the fertilizer for flowers is granular,and the fertilizer for some agricultural orchards and organic vegetables is also small granular.Why should these organic fertilizers be made into granular?What is the advantages of using organic fertilizer granulator to granulate organic fertilizer?
In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,one organic fertilizer granulator is often equipped.The organic fertilizer granulators produced by our company include disc granulator,stock transfer granulator,roller press granulator,flat die granulator,new type organic fertilizer granulator,and organic fertilizer circle granulator.
roller press granulator
In the process of granulation,water or binder will be added to ensure the smooth granulation of materials.The new organic fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation,and the materials after fermentation can be granulated directly,without the operation of other processes.The roller press granulator is produced by non boring normal temperature process,which is suitable for the granulation of materials,with low viscosity or low moisture content.
Using the granulator to granulate organic fertilizer not only accelerates the integration of fertilizer and soil,but also provides more nutrients for crops.The granulation of organic fertilizer is also convenient for bag sealing and transportation,more convenient for our storage,and there is no need to worry about the volatilization of organic fertilizer.