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What kind of organic fertilizer machine does the farm needed?

 With the large-scale of the farm,a large number of excrement will be produced every day,and these excrement not only occupy the space of the farm,but also easy to breed bacteria.So designing an organic fertilizer production line to solve the problem,it not only can solve the pollution,it also can produce the organic fertilizer by using the organic fertilizer machine.What kind of organic fertilizer machine should the farm be equipped with?
If your farm is small in scale,in order to save costs,we suggests that you only buy crushing equipment,granulating equipment and drying quipment.This simple and exquisite production line covers a small area and has a small number of equipment,but you need to equip corresponding manual operation.
If the scale of your farm is large,as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer suggest that you have a relatively complete organic fertilizer production line,including fermentation equipment,crushing equipment,fertilizer granulator machine and drying machine,mixing machine ,transportation machine cooling machine and automatic packaging machine.The complete organic fertilizer manufacturing process has the characteristics of high automation,small pollution and less labor.
organic fertilizer production line
The farm is equipped with an organic fertilizer manufacturing process,which not only reduces pollution,makes your farm cleaner and more standardized,but also turns waste into treasure and increase your income.
When producing the organic fertilier granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is necessary,and using the rotary drum granulator in the organic fertilizer production line to finish the granulating process.Using the organic fertilizer machine to finish the production process can save more labor cost and improve the working efficient.