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What type of fertilizer granulator is commonly used in the production of organic fertilizer?


Cow and sheep manure is a good organic fertilizer raw material, and even if the raw material is good, good methods should be used. Currently, there are many production processes for organic fertilizers in China, and which one is more suitable? At the same time, it is also our goal that we have been pursuing. It is the responsibility of Organic Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturer to enable customers to use appropriate equipment.

In fact, no matter what method we use, the goal is to make the material into circular particles (market demand), and then reduce cost consumption when making circular particles.

According to our survey of fertilizer companies, over 90% of livestock and poultry manure producing organic fertilizers are using disc or drum granulation equipment, with a yield of 50-70%. The moisture content of the material is generally 50-60. This data is very reliable. I believe people who have made fertilizers can basically understand these data. We conducted a special investigation on cow and sheep manure (round particles). Many fertilizer companies use disc granulation or rotation.

These two types of equipment are mainly used for granulation of fertilizers and compound fertilizers, with the basic form of materials being the same. In the early stages, there were basically no professional organic fertilizer manufacturers in China, but many farmers composted themselves, so equipment for organic fertilizer production has gradually begun to be developed in recent years.

At present, the main raw materials for organic fertilizers in China are materials with high organic content such as animal manure, straw, and sugar residue. These raw materials belong to coarse fiber materials. If the decomposition time is not enough, there will be more coarse fibers, which will affect the overall granulation effect of the fertilizer. Disc granulation and drum granulation use the rotation of the equipment itself to bond materials together to form particles, but materials with more coarse fibers cannot form particles through rotation, even if the surface of the particles is rough.

Today, we will mainly discuss the granulation part; The organic fertilizer granulator is mainly designed to manufacture materials with a high amount of coarse fibers. After entering the granulator, the material first enters the feeding system. The feeding system evenly feeds the material into the granulation section. The granulation section is equipped with an alloy blade. The material is polished between the blade and the inner wall to form a master batch. The mother granules enter the plastic surgery area for further adjustment, forming complete granules. After matching the alloy blade, the fiber coarse material can be effectively degraded by 80%. So as to improve the granulation effect!