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What are the benefits of using a disc granulator in fertilizer production lines?

Common organic fertilizer granulators include: double roller granulator, rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, new organic fertilizer granulator, new two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator, flat die granulator machine, ring die granulator, let’s learn about the disc granulator today, what are the advantages of the disc granulator?

The disc granulator machine is an important part of the organic fertilizer or npk production line. Disc granulator is widely used to produce round granules of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. In this way, granular fertilizers are easy to transport and store. The fertilizer granulator has a wide range of applications.
1. The high-quality granulation rate adopts a full-arc disc angle, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. Then, it has three discharge ports, which is convenient for intermittent production, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.
2. The manufacturing process of the disc granulator machine is advanced and the material is made of stainless steel plate, which makes the fertilizer equipment durable.
3. The disc granulator machine operating system is fully automatic. The automatic cleaning board above the sticky material improves the service life of the equipment and saves labor. The granulator requires only a control panel box to work. Therefore, it can save more labor for some small disc pelletizer iron ore pelletizing plants.
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