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What are the advantages of agglomeration granulation of organic fertilizer granulator machine

The agglomeration granulation of organic fertilizer granulator machine usually provides the following advantages:

1. Reduce dust or reduce dust
When bulk solids in the form of powder or fine powder are used, granulation can significantly reduce (and in some cases largely eliminate) dust. Because the granulation of the organic fertilizer granulation machine will produce round particles, the possibility of serrated edges rubbing together and cracking is reduced. Therefore, the integrity of the product can be maintained and the material loss can be minimized. Other dust related problems, such as health and safety concerns, are also eliminated.
organic fertilizer granulation machine
2. Improved processing and applications
Powder and fine materials can present challenges in processing and application. These include transportation difficulties, increased product losses, inaccurate and unpredictable applications, and liquidity problems. The granulation material flows more easily, promotes cleaning operation, and is less likely to be blown by wind during application (as shown in the figure below). The quality of transport has also improved, reducing costs in some cases.

3. It is usually granular material
Granulation can benefit any bulk solid material that presents processing, application or performance challenges due to its granular properties. The solid materials often granulated include: crushed gypsum (natural or synthetic; Above), limestone, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK) fertilizer, soil amendment, fly ash, iron ore, alumina, glass, silica, clay and ceramics, EAF dust, soda powder, carbon black, biosolids / fertilizer, titanium dioxide (TIO), zinc oxide

4. Enhance appearance
Granulation is usually used as a means to improve the appearance of products. Particles can be made into round, smooth and uniform particles, transforming conventional products into high-quality products with improved fluidity, size uniformity and less wear. Therefore, granulation of the organic fertilizer granulation machine is widely used as a high-value product in fertilizer and soil improvement industry.