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NPK compound fertilizer double roller granulator with good granulation effect

The double roller granulator can directly press dry powder materials into granules at room temperature. It can not only produce multi-element compound fertilizer based on ammonium bicarbonate, urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, etc., but also suitable for magnetic The granulation of chemical fertilizers and rare earth fertilizers does not require drying equipment, and the resulting granules have high strength.

double roller granulator

Advantages of double roller granulator:

1. Energy saving and consumption reduction The roller granulator uses raw materials as raw materials and is produced at room temperature, which reduces the drying energy consumption.

2. Low investment, the double roller granulator eliminates the drying process, and the material return rate is low, the operation process is simple and convenient, the operation is stable and reliable, the maintenance is relatively convenient, and the labor intensity is saved.

3. High productivity, the fertilizer granulation machine has four specifications: the output is 1-4 tons/hour, and the product granulation rate can reach more than 93%.

4. Green and environmental protection, the fertilizer granulation machine only uses electric energy, does not emit three wastes, meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, and also meets the environmental protection development of enterprises.

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