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Types of bioorganic fertilizer

 The fertilizer can be divided into organic fertilizer and the compound fertilizer.And the organic fertilizer include the bio organic fertilizer granulator.The bio organic fertilizer also can be divided into many different types.And they also can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing process.

According to the composition:one is a pure biological fertilizer,which basically does not contain nutrient elements,but improves the nutrientional conditions of crops with the products of microbial life activities,activates the potential fertility of soil,stimulates the growth and develooment of crops,resists the damage of crop diseases and insect pests,so as to improve the yield and quality of crops.Therefore,only biological fertilizer can not be applied alone,and onlt when combined with organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can it play its role.Such as rhizobia,Azotobacter,phosphorus activator,biological potassium fertilizer etc.The other is bio organic-inorganic compound fertilizer,which is a fertilizer product combining biological bacteria,organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer.It contains not only nutrient elements,but also microorganisms.It can replace chemical fertilizer for crop growth and development.For example,all kinds of bio organic fertilizer,green food special fertilizer sold in the market are in the fertilizer manufacturing process,adding organic fertilizer produced by commercialization mostly refers to the special fertilizer for green food.
According to the fertilizer formula and applicable objects.It can be divided into special bio organic fertilizer for fruit trees,special bio organic fertilizer for vegetables,special bio organic fertilizer for flowers,special bio organic fertilizer for grain and oil,etc.Each corresponding organic fertilizer will have different varities and production methods.For example,if the special bio organic fertilizer for trees is a kind of bio organic fertilizer which combines the characteristics of fertilizer demand of fruit trees,it is made of fermented and rotten organic maaterials as the main raw materials,absorbing a variety of beneficial microorganisms to inhabit fruit diseases and promote growth. The main components of bio organic fertilizer for fruit trees are antagonistic bacteria, plant growth promoting bacteria, Lactobacillus, etc. Special bio organic fertilizer for fruit trees can produce a variety of plant promoting biomass, promote the growth and development of fruit trees, improve the soil structure, effectively inhibit soil borne diseases, improve the soil's water and fertilizer conservation performance, make the plants grow healthily, improve the quality, reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, and protect the ecological environment. It is the preferred fertilizer for the production of green organic fruits.Whatever type bio organic fertilizer to be produced,we all can use the bio fertilizer production,which is designed by our engineers to make the bio organic fertilizer.In the fertilizer production line,it contains many different type fertilizer machines,like the fertilizer granulator machine,fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine and other fertilizer machines to be useed in the bio organic fertilizer producing process.
bio fertilizer production line
The producing of the fertilizer granulator can use the fertilizer granulator machine which is different type,we can use the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to make the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.We are as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design and produce the new type fertilizer machines,we also design the new fertilizer production lines for different type fertilizer producing requirement.
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