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Types and characteristics of extrusion fertilizer granulation machines

Extrusion fertilizer granulation machine is to apply mechanical pressure to the mixed materials to make the materials agglomerate into particles. Extrusion fertilizer granulation machine has the advantages of energy saving, stable operation, wide applicability of raw materials and various production types. Double roller granulator is a kind of organic fertilizer granulator which is used for reference in combination with the working principle of feed granulator.

Types and characteristics of extrusion fertilizer granulation machines
Extrusion fertilizer granulation machine can be divided into double roller granulator, flat die granulator, ring die granulator. This kind of high moisture content and low moisture content is required for the later granulating machine. The disadvantage is that the power consumption is high, there are certain technical requirements for operation and use, and the moisture content of raw materials is required to be low. 

The fertilizer granules produced by double roller granulator are oblate and spherical. The granules produced by flat die granulator and ring die granulator are cylindrical. There are many kinds of Huaqiang granulator to choose from.