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Requirement of water content in operation of double roller granulator

 Double roller granulator is more and more popular in our life and work, but many people have limited understanding of extrusion granulator, and do not know that many factors will affect the results of organic fertilizer granulation. What is the principle and moisture requirement of the twin roll extrusion granulator?

Requirement of water content in operation of double roller granulator
The double roller granulator can directly press the powdery materials into granules under normal humidity. It is suitable for unit element fertilizer and multi-element compound fertilizer with ammonium bicarbonate, urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate and potassium chloride as the base materials. The granule strength is high and the production cost is greatly reduced without drying equipment.

Double roller granulator is a kind of dry granulation equipment, which has good processing effect for raw material particles with low moisture content (the moisture content of raw material can be below 15%). It is necessary to carry out necessary anti caking treatment for wet materials. In the process of organic fertilizer processing, the fertilizer granulation machine can add nitrogen according to the needs. Some granulators use urea as the source of nitrogen, which is easy to absorb water in the air and make the organic fertilizer particles stick together.