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Bio-organic fertilizer is the inveitable for farming

On the basement of the fertilizer using and the situation  of the agricultural wastes.Agricultural research has become  a hot spot at home and abroad to looking for efficient and environmentally friently fertilizer altermatives and exploring actively the methods of resource utilization of agricultural wastes.On the background,bio-organic fertilizer build up a bridge between the agricultural wastes and the grown of the crop.Opeaning a new recycle model sustaibable development way as the "Agricultural wastes-bioorganic fertilizer-Crops"
First of all, the application of bio-organic fertilizer is an important way to improve the soil foundation and the quality of agricultural products.Biological organic fertilizer development and production of the original intention is integrated the advantages of organic fertilizer and biological fertilizer, helps increase crop yield, and fertilizer of soil, regulation of soil micro ecological balance, and reduce the inorganic fertilizer, fundamentally improve the quality of agricultural products, in accordance with Chinese agricultural sustainable development and the direction of the green agricultural production. 
Secondly, the production of bio-organic fertilizer is an important means of resource utilization of agricultural waste.Agricultural waste contains abundant organic nutrients, crop growth necessary nutrition elements and will be made on the resource utilization of biological organic fertilizer, through the role of microbial organic mineral, the humification and harmless, for crop absorption use, can not only alleviate the pressure of the agricultural waste to the environment, can also to obtain certain economic benefits.
In conclusion, as an efficient and pollution-free environmental protection product, bio-organic fertilizer is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of agriculture.
The organic  fertilizer equipment  including many series:such as the machine series of the fertilizer granulator  series,fertilizer mixer machine series,fertilizer crusher machine series and screener series etc.The new type organic fertilizer granulator are the machine to be designed a new type our company designed.It can be contented to the demend of the farming environmentaly.And the new type organic fertilizer granulator can produce the high efficient products.The complete bio-organic ferrtilizer production line including these machines :
1,Batching system

2,New type organic fertilizer granulator 
4,Screening machine
5,Coating machine 
6,Belt conveyor
7,Automatic packing  machine

The key factors that you need to notice when you choose the equipment: fermentation method, organic raw material, mechanization degree, and the annual output. The inherent quality of organic fertilizer is mainly depends on the fermentation and the formula of products. The key factors of fermentation are microorganism, carbon-nitrogen ratio, carbon-phosphorus ratio, moisture, pH value and aeration control. If the one kind of factor can not control well, that will cause unfermented, incomplete fermentation or need long time fermentation. The formula of organic compound fertilizer is also different from the inorganic fertilizer according to the different soil and crop formula. If it can have the properly formulated, the effect is better than the inorganic fertilizer, and has the lower cost, as the green fertilizer, it can also improve the environment of plant survival and the agglomerate of the soil.