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The overview of the fertilizer process


The compound fertilizer process including many processes:the measure raw material,the crushing of the raw material,granulating,drying,cooling ,screening,coating and packing.The compound fertilizer production line always insist on the principle of the floating,safity,and operability It makes the complete production line mechatroncs and the advancement in the future.At the same time,we also can adjust the technological process according to the situitation.We will introduce the compound fertilizer production as follows:
1,the mixing of the raw material:
The operator of the compound fertilizer take every material into the electronic belt scale according to the requirement to the raw material of NPK and all kinds of additive. During the process of adding the raw material require the material are the powdery and it don’t allow to appear the phenomenon of agglomeration. And the material must be operated uniformly.Or it will influence the products content.Generally speaking,adopting the horizental mixer or the vertical mixer to mixing,uniformly mixing to improve the containt of the fertilizer granulator.When put the material are weighted into the crusher machine,then it enter the second process.

2,the crushing procssing:When operator finishing the first step,then the crushing begin to turn round to achieve the aim that the size of what the granulator needs. Besides,the crusher also have the advantage of the secondary mixing. The material that were crushed enter into the belt conveyor by the discharge opening.then enter into the rotary drum fertilizer granulator.The mainly equipment is chain crusher etc.
3,Using the machine to granulator
Put the material that have mixing uniformly and crushed into the fertilizer granulator equipment by the belt conveyor.The fertilizer granulator machine can choose the drum granulator,double roller press fertilizer granulator.,disc fertilizer granulator etc.The process is necessary in the process of processing the ferilizer.
In the processing of screening ,firstly screening the granulators that are not fullly completed,and then put  the unqualified granulator into the mixer to reprocessing.Generally use the drum screener machine.
5,the process of drying
The  rotary drum dryer adopt the ways of the heat transfer,it applied to the compound dryer after the granulator.Put the granulator that are screened into the dryer,and dry the water to improve the granulators' hard and make it easy to conserve.Most of time,in the process use the machine of drum dryer.
6,the processing of the cooling
The rotary drum cooler are applied to cool the compound fertilizer,it can directly cool the granulator to the  normal temperature nearly.In this case, it is easy to make the granulator to consever and transport.
7,Coating the granulator
Coating the qualified products to increase the roundness and brightness of the particles to make the granulator more beautiful.Generally using the machine of the coating machine.
Put the granulator that have been coated into the batching machine by the belt,then connecting the electronic quantitative packing scale,sewing machine and other automatic quantitative packing and sealing bag.
What's the matter of the process of the compound fertilizer is using the belt conveyor to convey and connect,ensure the complete fertilizer production line to automatic operating.