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How to produce organic fertilizer in machine

Fertilizer is an important means of agricultural production.Fertilizer is widely used in production because of its abundant available nutrients and remarkable yield increase effect.China is now the world’s largest producer and usere of chemical fertilizer varieties have been in surplus.In terms of application and low utilization rate.Specifically,framers only pay attention to the use of chemical fertilizers in the production process,and they are very dismissinve of organic fertilizers and microbial fertilizers.Moreover,in order to obtain better fertilizer efficiency,they bindly increase the application amount of chemical fertilizers.The production of bio-organic fertilizer mainly includes fertmentation bacteria promoting the process of material decay,adding functional bacteria to the secondary fermentation process and finished product processing process.It is the key link of the whole production to make the materials mature completely through fermentation.Moisture,C/N ratio,temperature,ph,ventilation and other process parameters directly affect the degree of maturation and fermentation cycle.After the materials were completely decomposed and matured,the compound functional bacteria such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria,phosphlytic bacteria and potassium hydrolysis bacteria were added for secondary fermentation,and the number of benefical living bacteria in the products was increased by controlling the fermentation conditions,so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of bio-organic fertilizer.After the fermentation,in order to improve the commodity of the product and ensure the survival rate of the beneficial microorganisms in the product,the low-temperature drying process after the pelleting of thedisk is preferred for the finished product processing. We are professional producing organic fertilizer production line and the organic fertilizer equipment.
Fertilizer granulator serises:
1,Roller press Granulator 
 The DZG serises is a new serises machine, which is our company based on the double roller fertilizer granulator new design according the many years experiance.It can be widely applied to be used in fertilizer manufacturing industries,feed production unit and chemical industry.The machine adopts to NO-Drying technology,granulating at normal temperature,forming one time:reasonable structure design,stable and reliable operation,convenient operation and maintenance with less investment,quick effect,considerable ecomic benefit characteristics and so on.
2,New type Organic fertilizer granulator
The new type organic fertilizer granulator  machine utilize high speed rotary mechanical string force and the resulting friction force to make the powdery material continuous mixing、granulating、baling and intensifying inside the machine ,to achieve the purpose of material granulation.It id mainly used for granulate various organic materials after fermentation.It breaks through the traditional organic material granulate technology,and do not need to dry the raw materials.Meanwhile ,the size of the products can be adjusted by the mixture quantity of material and the spindle speed.Application:The machine is especially suitable for granulate light fine powder materials.The smaller size material can get higher granulation rate and better quality products.Typical application materials :chicken manure,pig manure,cow dung,carbon black,clay,kaolin and so on.

3,Ring die granulator 
The organic fertilizer ring die granulator machine is one of the main Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment produced by our company.On the all kinds of machines in China and abroad,our engineer through reparted reseach,improvement,and meticulous manufacture,the machine adopts gear belt drive to get higher production efficency.  It is mainly used in organic fertilizer,Compound Fertilizer and Feeding Processing Industry.The surface of the finished product is smooth,the hardness is moderate,the temperature rises in processing is low and can keep the nutrients inside the raw technology and simple operation and maintenance.It is an ideal equipment for fertilizer enterprise.

4,Rotary drum  granulator 
Therotary drum granulator is a kind of machine for adapting to compound fertilizer.It suitable for large--scale production of cold,hot granulation and high,medium and low concentration compound fertilizes.Special rubber lining or acid stainless steel lining can be used in the barral,which can automatically remove the scar and tumor.At the same time,the traditional scraper device is abolished.The machine has the characteristics of high granulation rate,high granule strength,simple operation,low energy consumption,corrosion resistance long severice life.It is a mature granulation equipment solution in the industry.
5.Disc granulator
This series of disc granulator machine is a new type of incline disc granulator equipment:the granulating rate is up to 80%.The reducer and motor adopt flexible belt drive to start smoothly,slow down the impact force and improve the severice life of the equipment.The botton of the granulation disc is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates,which is sturdy and durable.The inside of granulation disc is durable after corrosion treatment.The machine has the advantages of uniform granulation,high granulation rate,products looks beautiful,size and diammeter can be controlled.It is  widely used in organic fertilizer factory and sluge processing Mine,chemical and feed industry and other fileds.
Besides the fertilizer serises,we also have the crusher serises,mixer serises,cooler,dryer serises etc.What's more we also have the complete fertilizer production line.For example,NPK compound fertilizer production line,rotary drum granulation production line, Organic fertilizer production line etc.
We are professional manfacturer and export all over the world.We have received so much good reputation from our customers for the high quality fertilizer equipment and the best severices.We will choose the right machine for you .If you also are interested in our products,now contact us and inquire us!