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The equipment of producing bio-organic fertilizer

 The products produced by the bio-organic fertilizer  equipment are raw materials of fresh chicken and pig manure and do not contain any chemical ingredients,and chicken,pig digestibility is poor can use up 25% nutrition composition only,and the other 75% nutrition in feed follows excrement and urine eduction make do finished product to contain nitrogen,phosphor,potassium,organic matter,amino acid,protein to wait for composition thereby.The machines used generally have the chain crusher, ball shapping machine,drum screener,cage screener,double roller press feertilizer granulator and the BB fertilizer production line.
1,Chain crusher 
The chain crusher is suitabile for crushing the block in the production of compound fertilizer, and it is also widely used in chemical industry,building materials,mining and other industries.The chain crusher adopts high strength and wear-resisting hard alloy chain plate with synchronous speed in the crushing process.The inlet and oulet design is reasonable.

2,Drum screener
Drum screener is a common equipment in the production of compound fertilizer,mainly used for the separation of finished products and return materials,but also achieve the classification of finished products,so that the finished products are evenly classified.The machine has simple structure,easy operation and stable operation.

3,Cage crusher 
Cage crusher is a medium-sized horizontal cage grinder.It can crusher all kinds of single chemical fertilizer with water content below 6%,especially suitable for materials with greater hardness.It has simple and compact structure,small floor area,convenient maintenance,good crushing effect,smooth operation,easy to clean.It is the nemeses of monium,diammonium,urea and other hard materials.
4,Double roller press fertilizer granulator
For the roller granulator,it adopts the non-drying normal temperature process for production and has two specifications of one-time molding,output of 1-1.5 tons/hour and 1.5-3 tons/hour.Complete equipment layout compact,scientific and  reasonable,advanced technology.Energy-saving,no waste discharge,stable operation,reliable operation,convenient maintenance.Wide adaptability of raw materials,suitable for compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical,feed and other raw materials granulation,product granulation rate is high.It can produce a variety of types including organic fertilizer,inorganic fertilizer,bioorganic fertilizer,such as magnetic fertilizer compound fertilizer.

5,BB fertilizer production line
BB fertilizer production line the output of 10-100 tons,using the lifting through direct feed,mixer direct and discharge process.The main equipment of BB fertilizer adopts forward and reverse operation and carries out material mixing and output through special internal screw mechanism and unique three dimensional structure.
The fundaction of the fertilizer equipment:Maneuverability,high configuration,durability,small footprint,large capacity,high temperature,no external power,no impurities,double pipe canal,high sealing and low cost.