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The influence factors on the wear of the roller shell of the double roller granulator

The role of double roller granulator in organic fertilizer processing, such as mixed fertilizer. Regular hemispherical groove of roller skin is formed by squeezing each other. This extrusion pressure is inevitable in the wear of the double rollers of the double roller granulator. How to reduce the wear of roller sleeve should start with several reasons, and consider the corresponding countermeasures according to the wear reasons.

The influence factors on the wear of the roller shell of the double roller granulator

1. material factors
Roller extruder mainly processes dry powder materials. Because of the different hardness of the material, uneven force will be produced during extrusion and ball forming, which will increase the wear of the roller skin. From the material factor, another factor is the uniformity of the particle size of raw materials. Different sizes of raw materials can also lead to uneven force and wear of roller cover.

2. material factors of roller skin of double roller granulator
The roller surface of the roller fertilizer granulation machine is friction material and direct force. In the process of roller wear, friction and back extrusion pressure of materials can not be ignored. This force requires higher quality of roller skin, slower wear speed with good quality and faster wear speed with poor quality.
The influence factors on the wear of the roller shell of the double roller granulator
3. uniformity coefficient of feed
The center of parallel rod axis of the counter roller granulator is parallel to the surface of the roll skin. If the feeding is seriously uneven, one end of the feeding is more, and the other end is less, it will cause uneven force on both ends of the roller, increase the friction between the roller and the material, and cause the roller wear.

4. raw material moisture and pH
The roll skin is made of stainless steel. The organic fertilizer granulation machine has strong reaction to the acid and alkali of the material. The moisture and pH of the material are not good, which leads to acid-base corrosion on the surface of the roll skin and damages the roll skin.

5. work operation injury
If the operation is not in accordance with the operation procedures, the gap between rollers is not adjusted in place, or the feeding of the roller granulator is unreasonable; the other is that the material is not clean and contains impurities such as iron and sulfur. The color of the roller skin is seriously damaged.