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The advantages of manufacturing process of double roller granulator

The basic working mechanism of the double roller granulator is that the material is added from the feed hopper, extruded by the counter roller, and then transferred to the crushing screen working room through the auxiliary chain to screen and separate the finished particles, and then the remaining materials are returned to mix with the new materials, and then granulated.

Double roller granulation process: automatic batching system → fertilizer crusher → fertilizer mixer machine → roller granulation unit → screening machine → packaging machine.

double roller granulator
Production process characteristics of double roller granulator

1. The product has uniform particle size distribution, high hardness, no segregation and no caking.

2. The opposite roller granulator does not need to heat and humidify the material for granulation, thus saving investment and energy consumption. It can adapt to the granulation of heat sensitive materials such as ammonium bicarbonate and some organic compounds;

3. There is no waste water or waste gas discharged in the production process, which will not pollute the environment;

4. The process flow of the fertilizer granulation machine is short, the operation is simple, and it is convenient to realize the automatic control of production and improve the production efficiency;

5. There are no special requirements for the properties and particle size distribution of raw materials, so the sources of raw materials are wider and the production is more flexible. If the product scheme needs to be changed, it is more convenient and conducive to small batch production of special fertilizer.

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