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New type of double roller granulator to improve production efficiency

The new type of double roller granulator is used for extrusion granulation of organic matter and inorganic physical way, which breaks through the conventional fertilizer granulation process. Before granulation, the raw materials need not be dried and crushed, and the spherical particles can be processed by direct batching, which can save a lot of energy.
double roller granulator
The pelletizing process of the double roller granulator enables the organic materials to obtain continuous, high-speed, reciprocating kneading and shearing in the pelletizing area, thus forming the impinging flow of high-pressure mechanical flow state. The temperature of the materials rises to more than 60 ℃ within 20s, rapidly changing the molecular structure and pelletizing property of the materials, significantly strengthening the heat transfer, fluidization and extrusion process between the materials, and significantly improving the pelletizing density and pelletizing rate, The energy consumption and template cost are greatly reduced, and the granulation efficiency is more than 50% higher than that of traditional extrusion granulator. The motor power is 40% lower than that of traditional extrusion granulator.

The shape and size of the ball and socket on the roll skin can be selected according to the user's needs. The shape of the ball and socket can be pillow shaped, semicircle shaped, bar shaped, pill shaped, walnut shaped, oblate spherical and square strip shaped. At present, flat ball shape is used.

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