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Technological characteristics of extrusion fertilizer granulation machine

Extrusion fertilizer granulation machine is a method of extruding, roller extruding or pressing to make dry powder or wet powder containing binder into cylindrical, spherical or sheet shape.
Technological characteristics of extrusion fertilizer granulation machine
Extrusion is the main granulation method in powder industry. According to the working principle and structure, extrusion granulation equipment can be divided into single (double) screw extruder, flat die granulator, ring die granulator, double roller granulator, etc. This kind of equipment can be widely used in petrochemical, organic chemical, fine chemical, medicine, food, feed, fertilizer and other fields. The machine has the advantages of strong adaptability, large output, uniform particle size, good particle strength and high granulation rate.

The extruding organic fertilizer granulation machine should prevent the powder materials from being stored in the organic fertilizer granulation machine, and then use the external force to compact the powder materials tightly. Due to the different ways of external force used, the molecules realize the again combination to make the materials appear cylindrical particles. The whole process of generation and extrusion is mechanized and does not need manual operation.