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Difference between powdery organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer

Powdery organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer use the same organic fertilizer raw materials, which determines that they have the same effect. The reason why it is made into powdery organic fertilizer is to meet the needs of the market. Because the production process of powdered organic fertilizer is relatively simple, it does not need to use the equipment such as organic fertilizer granulation machine for deep processing, so it has a great advantage over granular organic fertilizer in terms of cost.

In terms of production technology, organic fertilizer raw materials can be used as fertilizer for soil after fermentation. Therefore, after a little screening, the screened powder materials can be put into the market after being packed with powder packaging machine. The granular fertilizer needs water as the bonding medium to agglomerate the powder into particles, so in addition to the fertilizer granulation machine, it also needs a series of deep processing equipment such as dryer and cooler. More equipment is put in and the process is troublesome. Naturally, the price should be higher.
Difference between powdery organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer
Secondly, powder organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer have the same raw material composition, which does not mean that the application effect is completely the same. The powders agglomerate together to form particles, which break into powder. The organic fertilizer applied to farmland will eventually turn into powder. Therefore, from the perspective of application effect, powder organic fertilizer has fast fertilizer effect, but short fertilizer effect. Relatively speaking, granular organic fertilizer has a certain slow-release effect, providing long-term nutrition for crops.

In order to enhance the slow-release effect of granular organic fertilizer, fertilizer manufacturers develop better slow-release fertilizer and controlled-release fertilizer, which can provide more comprehensive nutrition for the growth of crops. Therefore, in the long run, granular organic fertilizer and higher functional fertilizer will be the development direction of fertilizer market.