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Technical characteristics of double roller granulator with smooth granulation

High strength wear-resistant alloy stainless steel is used in the double roller granulator. Through precise positioning and drilling by precise CNC drilling machine, multiple hard surface treatment and ball and socket polishing treatment are carried out to ensure that each ball and socket on the pressure roller can be durable, corrosion-resistant, easy demoulding, and can produce fertilizer particles with full particles and smooth surface.

Technical characteristics of double roller granulator with smooth granulation
Features of double roller granulator:
  1. 1) Power output: the motor reducer is guaranteed for one year, and the motor is driven by the belt connection. The power output is stable, and the extrusion force is balanced while protecting the motor. The granule forming is good and the unit strength is stable.
  2. 2) Factory debugging and trial operation: before leaving the factory, each machine is tested and produced by professional technical workers, and delivered after reaching the design index.
  3. 3) Simple structure, easy to use: ball and socket alignment adjustment design is simple, convenient for customers to operate and adjust. Provide roller skin adjustment drawing and operation steps.
  4. 4) The fertilizer granulation machine is a new type of granulation equipment, which not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also does not need fuel oil, gas and other drying measures compared with other methods. The new type of double roll extrusion granulation equipment does not need additional adhesive.
  5. 5) The raw material composition of the granulation equipment is flexible, the raw material route of extrusion granulation is wide, and the extrusion granulation process equipment can flexibly realize the change of product formula in a very short time.
  6. 6) The equipment not only has scientific and reasonable structure, advanced technology, but also has less investment and good economic benefits.
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