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Advantages and characteristics of double roller granulator

Characteristics of double roller granulator:

1. The press roller of double roller granulator is evenly set and runs smoothly, which changes the phenomenon that the ordinary flat die pressing roller is easy to feed;

2. The press roll of the double roller granulator adopts inclined wheel. Moreover, the linear speed of both ends is consistent with the inner and outer ring of the die plate, and there is no dislocation friction between the wheel and the mold, which reduces the resistance, reduces the kinetic energy loss and prolongs the service life of the mold, which is a major difference from the similar compression molding equipment. At the same time, the technology applied to the fertilizer granulation machine is a more advanced technology nowadays;

3. Double roller granulator adopts central pressure regulating structure to adapt to different materials and ensure compaction effect. The compression molding of sawdust and corn straw needs a lot of pressure. In the same kind of granulating equipment, the roller component is the central part of the whole equipment, and alloy steel is used to improve the service life of the roller.

Advantages and characteristics of double roller granulator
Advantages of double roller granulator:

1. After the pressure wheel of the fertilizer granulation machine is enlarged, the bearing is enlarged and the pressure bearing capacity is enhanced.

2. When the pressure wheel is increased, the temperature generated by the extrusion friction is not easy to transmit to the bearing chamber, so as to ensure that the bearing works at low temperature and the lubricating grease is not easy to overflow.

3. With the increase of roller, the roller can be recovered 2-3 times, the service life of organic fertilizer granulation machine is prolonged, the production cost is reduced and the profit margin of investment project is increased.

4. The press wheel of the machine adopts multiple uniform distribution, which makes the operation stable, increases the pressing area and improves the production efficiency.

5. The compression molding of this machine is diversified. The round bar and granule can be made by changing the mold. It can adapt to the compression molding of different materials and achieve better benefits.