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Steps to be noticed in operation of double roller granulator

In order to avoid the problems that may occur in the operation process of dry double roller granulator, we need to master some skills to make it work more effectively.
1. Change the wrong feeding mode and pay attention to uniform feeding, so that the granulator can work more smoothly and keep high speed.
2. Select the appropriate mold diameter. If the diameter of the hole is too small, it usually leads to a decrease in production or material blockage. Therefore, when purchasing the granulator, please consult the sales staff carefully and assemble the granulator with the appropriate mold aperture.

3. Adjusting the gap between the die and the roller, and proper pressing can make the density and curing degree of the granular material reach a good state.
4. Pay attention to the cleaning of fertilizer granulation machine, and add butter and lubricating oil regularly, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the machine.
5. Before starting and shutting down the machine, please use lubricating materials to clean the mold.
6. When the granulator is stuck, please stop immediately. After finding out the cause of the fault and adjusting, restart.
7. Check the machine regularly and replace the vulnerable parts in time.