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Compound fertilizer granulation equipment: rotary drum granulator

Compound fertilizer has been popular in the fertilizer market because of its high content and fast efficiency. Compound fertilizer granulation generally uses the rotary drum granulator, today Huaqiang heavy industry mainly introduces to you the working principle of the rotary drum granulator.
Compound fertilizer granulation equipment: rotary drum granulator
The pelletizing process of compound fertilizer granules in drum granulator is as follows

Taking the small particles with diameter of Ф 1-2mm in the raw materials and returned materials as the core, under the temperature and steam conditions of 60 ℃ - 65 ℃, with the help of the interaction of viscosity and mechanical force of raw materials, the soft particles of Ф 2-5mm are formed. When drying, with the evaporation of water, the particles solidify step by step to form hard particles.

Compound fertilizer granulation equipment: rotary drum granulator

During granulation, the materials should be elliptical in the fertilizer granulation machine or dryer, and the material should account for 1 / 6 of the cylinder cross-sectional area. Through the movement, the materials will rub against each other, produce viscosity, absorb more and attach less, and bond into balls. Materials should be smooth in movement, and should not be subject to large impact or forced balling, otherwise the particle size will be uneven.

The method to improve the roundness of compound fertilizer is to make the materials roll and rub more before the particles are solidified. In the rolling process, the edges and corners of the particle surface are abraded and filled, and the more rolling, the more round. It is not suitable for soft particles to rise and fall vertically in the cylinder, otherwise it is easy to cause deformation of particles, resulting in particles not round.