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Production line of double roller extrusion granulator

The working principle of the double roller granulator is that the materials are added from the feeding hopper, extruded by rollers, demoulded and pelletized, and then transported to the crushing screen studio to screen and separate the finished particles (balls), and then the returned materials are mixed with the new materials for granulation. The fertilizer granulation machine has the advantages of high pelletizing rate, no return material, high particle strength, uniform roundness, low pelletizing moisture, and low drying energy consumption.

1. The roller granulator is mainly used for (biological) organic fertilizer and particle processing in aquaculture processing industry;
Production line of double roller extrusion granulator
2. The granulated material processed by the fertilizer granulation machine has smooth surface, moderate hardness, low temperature rise in the process of processing, and can better maintain the nutrients in the raw material;

3. The particle composition is uniform and the shape is neat. The diameter of the particle is various. Users can choose according to production needs when ordering.

The technological process of the production line of fertilizer by roller granulation is as follows: automatic batching → mixing and mixing → extrusion granulator → screening → packaging.
Production line of double roller extrusion granulator
1. The qualified raw materials are added into the mixer according to the proportion requirements and mixed evenly;

2. It is transported to the disc feeder to remove the iron substance in the material during the conveying process;

3. The materials in the disc feeder enter into the double roller granulator evenly, and the materials are forced to pass between the two pressure rollers and are squeezed into thin plates. The thin plates are broken into fragments by the coarse crusher under the pressure roller, and the materials on the screen continue to be broken and screened;
The fine particles are sent back to the medium size crusher and then fed back to the crusher,

5. After screening, the qualified products are transported to the automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging and warehousing