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Compound fertilizer with rotary drum granulator

 Different type fertilizer granulator machine to be desgined for producing different type fertilizer granulator.And different fertilizer granulator using different working method to produce fertilizer granulator.There we share the working principle of the rotary drum granulator.
Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Machinery Technology CO.LTD specializes in the production of cow manure organic fertilizer machine,organic fertilizer production equipment,compound fertilizer drum granulation equipment,rotary drum granulator,organic fertilizer equipment.According to the requirements of customers,we can design 10000-50000 tons of organic fertilizer production line and workshop plant design,provide complete sets of organic fertilizer equipment and get the approval of users with good severices.
Drum granulator is a kind of forming machine which can make materials into specific shapes.The rotary drum granulator is one of the key equipment in the compound fertilizer industry,which is suitable for cold and hot granulation and large-scale production of high,medium and low concentration compound fertilizer.The main working mode of the drum granulation equipment for compound fertilizer is wet granulation of pellets.Through a certain amount of water or steam,the basic fertilizer can be fully chemically reacted after being pressure between the particles of the material can be generated to agglomerate into ball.
The drum body adopts specifical rubber plate lining or acid resistant stainless steel lining plate,which realizes automatic scar removal and tumor removal,and cancels the traditional scrper device.The machine has the characteristics of high ball forming strength,good appearance quality,corrosion,wear resistance,low engery consumption,long severice life,convenient operation and maintenance etc.
fertilizer granulator machine
The drum granulator is equipped with steam,gas ammonia or adding phosphoric acid or nitrogen solution,phosphoric ammonia slurry and heavy calcium slurry to complete the chemical reaction and heating compound fertilizer granulation process in the drum;or the cold granulator fertilizer manufacturing process of compound fertilizer with a small amount of water added.The materials to be granulated are rotated through the rotation of the drum to produce rolling rotation when there is no material in the drum,and then agglomerate into a ball at a certain humidity and temperature pelletilizing process.Features of rotary drum granulator:
1.The pelletilizing rate is up to 70%,there is  a small amount of returned material,the particle size of returned material is small,and it can be repelletilized;
2.Steam heating is introduced to increase the temperature of the material,reduce the moisture content of the material after it becomes a ball,and improve the drying efficiency;
3.The rubber engineering plastics are used as the lining,the raw materials are not easy to stick to the cylinder,and plaay the role of anti=corrosion and heat presservation;
4.Large output,low power consumption and low maintenance cost
Structure of  rotary drum granulator:
The whole rotating part of the machine body is supported by a bracket,which bears a large force.Therefore,the bracket part of the machine is weelded with medium carbon steel plate and channel steel,and it has passed strict quality control and specifical process requirements,which has achieved the purpose of the machine.In addition,the more important is the bracket fixed on the shelf.Considering that it will produce great friction with the roller belt of the machine body,our factory specially selects high-quality anti-corrosion and wear-resstant materials,which greatly improves the severice life of the machine.The casting integrated technology is also used for the bracket.In addition,the corners of the bracket are equipped with a lifting hook,which is convenient for loading,unloading and transportation.
The transmission part of the whole granulator is excellent for the important work of the whole body.The transmission frame is welded with high-quality channels steel and has passed strict quality requirements.The main motor and reducer installed on the transmission frame are ISO nation inspection ffree products with relaible quality.The motor drives the belt pulley,V-belt and reducer to drive the main shaft to make the body work,among which the transmission.The reducer is in the working part of the main shaft,which is driven by nylon uncoupling.
The series fertilizer machine is to be equipped in different type fertilizer manufacturing process,it is fixed on the machine body,gear with the transmission pinion,and drives the machine body to work in the opposite direction.It adopts high-tech wear-resistant materials,so that the machine has a longeer severice life.
rotary drum granulator
Fixed to both sides of the body to support the whole body.
The most important part of the whole granulator is the body part,which is welded with high-quality medium carbon steel plate,with special rubber or acid resistant stainless steel lining plate built in,to achieve automatic scar removal and tumor removal,and to eliminate the traditional scraper device,and to achieve the purpose of the machine through stirct quality control and specifical process requirements.
The working principle of drum granulator:The working principle of this series of drum granulator is:the belt and pulley are driven by the main motor,the drive by the reducer,the split gear installed on the drive shaft is matched with the large ring fixed on the body,and the work is in the opposite direction.The material is added from the feed end to the inside of the barrel.Through the function of the special structure inside the cylinder,it is made into particles,and finally flows out through the discharge port.Due to the continuous entry of materials and the continuous rotation of granulator,mass production can be realized.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer,we are not only design the rotary drum granulator machine to produce compound fertilizer,we also designed other type fertilizer granulator machine,like the roller press granulator and flat die granulator machine to produce the fertilizer granulator using the extrusion method.