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Chicken manure granulation to produce organic fertilizer

Nowadays, chicken manure organic fertilizer is more popular in the fertilizer industry, and the application rate is larger. Organic fertilizer is a fertilizer made by fermenting chicken manure and microbial fungi. This is not much different from aquatic organic fertilizer in raw materials and production technology. According to the technical level of existing micro-ecological preparation enterprises, there is no technical problem. After microbial fermentation, chicken manure has no odor. In the disinfection and detoxification process, harmful fungi and harmful substances in chicken manure can also be effectively removed. The effect of farmers using organic fertilizer is much better than the effect of using chicken manure or fertilizer alone.
    To make chicken manure organic fertilizer, there must be a factory and a warehouse, and it is necessary to ferment organic materials and heat dryer granulation machinery. Chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment production of organic fertilizers in the early stage is not large, can start at more than 100,000 yuan, only a few hundred yuan per ton of profit, only rely on large-scale production and sales to have more profit margins, "not a few Thousand tons or tens of tons, basically can not make big money." Because fertilizer is a seasonally strong product, it needs a large amount of stocking, large scale of production, more raw materials needed, and requires a certain amount of storage to ensure the continuity of production, and its storage capacity is the number of previously produced microecological preparations. Ten times, companies must build or rent large warehouses. The profit margin is quite different from that of a small processing plant.
   The scale of production has become larger. To improve the quality, the manufacturer must add chicken manure organic fertilizer production equipment. The organic fertilizer production equipment horizontal mixer can make the microbial bacteria evenly mixed in the raw materials such as chicken manure, and fully ferment by organic fertilizer turning machine. After that, the chicken manure dryer is used to remove the moisture in the fermentation product, and the disc granulation machine is used to pass the fertilizer packaging scale. These indispensable organic fertilizer processing equipment is available for you to choose between 100,000 and 500,000 yuan. For the first time buyers, you can choose small processing, and later increase the equipment to expand and upgrade the production line. The chicken manure granulator produced by our company and the organic fertilizer processing equipment are of high quality and low price, which is a better choice for the majority of merchants.