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Introduction of processing technology of cow manure organic fertilizer production line

Composting of cow dung after implements the harmless and stabilizing treatment, and achieved the basic condition of as organic fertilizer utilization, but also did not reach the level of commercialization of entering the market sales, the scope of its application effect and use has the limitations , so it is necessary to compost material through subsequent craft of making further processed into powder or organic fertilizer granulaor with characteristics of commodity and organic inorganic compound fertilizer, etc.There are great differences in the ways of organic fertilizer production and application at home and abroad.It is a common practice in foreign countries to use a special fertilizer distributor to directly spread compost to the planting plot, because the farm has its own attached compost site and a large area of planting land, which can realize the small self-circulation of planting and breeding materials.China's national conditions are different, the vast majority of compost processing factory is the independent operation, not their own planting plots, some even independent of dairy farms, often products ranging from dozens to hundreds of kilometers in radius, some further, which requires the organic fertilizer products * * * has the characteristics of storage, easy to transport, to achieve the requirement of the market circulation of commodities storage and transportation.Because the overall nutrients of compost products are low, they can only be used as a part of base fertilizer, which is different from the existing agronomic planting habits and the characteristics of crop fertilizer demand.So it is necessary to add part of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to organic fertilizer to make organic and inorganic compound fertilizer.Organic and inorganic compound fertilizer has dual characteristics, namely, it has the characteristics of long efficiency of organic fertilizer, improving soil and activating organic nutrients in soil, and it also has the characteristics of high nutrient content and quick efficiency of inorganic fertilizer.Organic fertilizer products can be granulated or made into powder, depending on the market demand. In order to balance nutrients, suitable for transportation and storage, it is recommended to process organic fertilizer into granulated products, with cylindrical and spherical granules.The moisture content of the finished particles should be: organic fertilizer 20%;Organic and inorganic compound fertilizer 10%.Organic fertilizer processing technology mainly includes crushing, batching, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening and packaging and other links.So producing  fertilizer need to use the Fertilizer Granulator Machine Series,the fertilizer crusher machine series,the fertilizer mixing machine series,fertilzer  dryer,cooler coating machine series,the fertilizer screener  series and the fertilizer packing .The production capacity of a single production line should be 1 ~ 10t/h. If it is too small, it will not reach the economic scale. If it is too large, it will increase the difficulty of transportation and storage of raw materials and finished products.