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Organic fertilizer manufacturing process with chicken manure and cow dung

With the development of science and technology, more and more fertilizer manufacturing processes are becoming. Organic fertilizer machine becomes indispensable for agricultural production. Many farmers will choose to purchase fertilizers produced on the market. When farming, the price is not expensive and the effect is also very good. However, many people think that fertilizers on the market are chemical products. If these fertilizers are applied to the farmland, it will destroy the soil and is not conducive to food, so they prefer to use traditional fertilizers, that is, animal manure. Of course, the fertilizers that can be sold on the market are certainly not so harmful, but the manure is called organic fertilizer, and the effect is also very good, or it is purely natural. Generally speaking, the fertilizers that can be used as organic fertilizers are basically chicken manure, cow manure and pig manure. Compared with these three organic fertilizers, which one is better?

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First of all, The contents of these three kinds of feces are completely different. Chicken manure has the highest organic matter content, accounting for 25%, followed by pig manure and cow manure. Therefore, it can be said simply that chicken manure has the highest nutritional value. In fact, it can be seen from the production of feces alone.
The main food of chickens is insect cereals, and the digestive esophagus is relatively short. Normally, these foods can be digested and discharged within a few hours, so the nutritional value of chicken manure is also high. The main food for pigs is cereals, which takes longer to digest than chickens, and the feces are well nourished. But the food for cattle is grass, and cattle have several stomachs. It takes a long time to digest food before excluding it. Relatively speaking, the nutritional effect of cow manure is not as good as chicken manure and pig manure.
Secondly, the difference between the three can be seen from the water content. Cow manure has the highest water content, followed by chicken manure and pig manure. One should not think that high water content means good, it depends on which crop fertilizer is used. If the moisture content of cow dung is too high, that is, poor permeability, organic matter is not easy to decompose, and the nutritional value is not high. But its advantage is that it can improve the soil structure, so adding cow dung in rice cultivation has obvious effect. Rice grows very well.
Finally, pig manure has the highest humus content. The composition of pig manure is the most complex of the three, and the manure is also more delicate. This is the only fertilizer that can be used directly without fermentation. Pig manure is easily decomposed by microorganisms, and the decomposed substances make crops easier to absorb. Relatively speaking, cow dung is the most difficult to decompose and needs to be used in conjunction with other fertilizers.
After analysis from different angles, farmers' friends must have a certain understanding of these three organic fertilizers. Fertilization also needs to grasp the needs of crops. Different fertilizer granulator machine are applied according to local conditions to make crops grow faster and better.