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fertilizer mixer machine, fertilizer blender equipment for organic

Horizontal fertilizer mixer machine is a new-generation fertilizer equipment. Tne material can be fully mixed. To improve the mixing uniformity and with using new rotor structure, the rotor close to the minimum gap can be adjucted to zero, effectively reducing the material residues, the overall structure is more reasonable, beautiful appearance, operation and maintenance. Horizontal Fertilizer mixer Machine has been developed recently and adapts to over 2 kinds of fertilizers and additive fertilizer. It can mix fertilizers fully and uses novelty rotor configuration that can adjust the gap to nearly zero between rotor and shell.

horizontal mixer machine

Features of horizontal fertilizer mixer.
1.Fully mixing materials, thereby improving the mixed uniformity after organic fertilizer granulation machine.
2.Adopting rotor structure, rotor with bright body minimum clearance adjustable to near zero.
3.More reasonable body design, excellent in shape, and easy-operation and maintenance.
4.Fast mixing speed, good mixing uniformity, fast discharging speed, low marterial residual.
5.Adopt stainless steel spiral blade with hard steel tool bit, good wear-resisting performance, long service life.